A night of lasers

On Friday night 17 year-old producer Marcel Everett, better known as XXYYXX, took to the sold out stage at Music Hall of Williamsburg. From Orlando, Florida, Marcel is part of a new young group of electronic producers who are proving to set the indie music scene ablaze with world wide tours at some of the usual rock music hangouts.

From the inner cusps of his bedroom, Marcel has created an inimitable sound, sampling R&B tracks and bringing them into 2013 with his emotive, progressive style.

When XXYYXX stepped foot on the stage, the younger crowd cheered and wailed. Wearing a shirt adorned with images of John F.Kennedy, you knew this producer wanted to make a statement. The lights dimmed and only a raised table with his apparatus, a Mac Book, could be seen. The Apple logo was a beacon in the dark, almost looking like an advert for the company. Then one singular purple laser beamed across the audience, and slowly multiplied as Marcel began his set.

It raised the question however, was this a laser show or a music performance? Whatever it was, it was spectacular to watch. The lasers turned Music Hall of Williamsburg into a Miami club. You can take the boy out of Florida..

As some of XXYYXX’s well known tracks played, including “Closer” which uses a sample from Ne-yo’s “Closer,” Marcel looked into the crowd for reassurance, and let out a smile when he got the reaction he wanted.

With the confidence he portrayed on stage, him alone and a laser explosion, by the end of the show you’d forgotten this was in fact a 17- year old controlling the raving audience.

We expect big things from Florida’s new finest. 

Check out some of XXYYXX’s music hereELSPETH MERRY

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